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UK complaints procedure

Dear all
I am not sure of your countries of origin but in the UK if goods are not as described on the box you can get a full refund or replacement from your retailer/seller.
If a retailer puts them back on the shelf they risk offending more customers and the Trading Standards people -not very bright.
The sale of goods act relates to:
" (a) fitness for all the purposes for which goods of the kind in question are commonly supplied,

(b) appearance and finish,

(c) freedom from minor defects,

(d) safety, and

(e) durability."

If you examine the goods in the shop and agree they are OK then this makes the above conditions void.
The act recognises that the defect has to materially alter the quality of the goods. If you are offended by the inaccurate drawing of a Roman on the box art that is deemed to be trivial. A wrong sprue is a packing mistake but also a defect ( ie 36 figures supplied instead of 48).
The sale of goods act has a time limit:
"The buyer is also deemed to have accepted the goods when after the lapse of a reasonable time he retains the goods without intimating to the seller that he has rejected them."
Writing to manufacturers may take a long time to get a reply and your retailer/seller is entitled to reject your claim if a reasonable time has elapsed before you complain.
Has anybody had problems with Strelets packing? I have found their little boxes always full of what I am expecting. Well done Strelets.

Re: UK complaints procedure

Dear David,

thank you for your message, to be frank, we had on several occasions packing mistakes that we had to rectify. For some strange coincidence the guys that had this problem were all living around Liverpool. Is it some special place bad for collectors?


Re: Re: UK complaints procedure

Dear Strelets

I get my Strelets figures from F and S who are based in Audenshaw not too far from Liverpool in fact near Manchester. Strange for the complaints to cluster as they would probably be distributed from Hannants. Hobbyists are very fuzzy on their rights and usually go to the manufacturer rather than the retailer. The retailer may be unaware of a fault whereas they could easily check with the customer in the shop and return the stock.
This is probably why Revell and Italeri put seals on their boxes.
Maybe my Strelets WWI Russian Cavalry is going to contain all horses when they arrive. Remember 1 sprue figures 2 sprue horses and no drinking on the job.
I have got many, far too many, boxes of Airfix, Hat, Esci, Matchbox and so on and never a mistake. I must be lucky so I better not tempt fate.
Liverpool is probably bad for collectors of Manchester United or Chelsea stickers in their cars.

Strelets has found a little Bermuda triangle or the Bootle triangle as it should be known.

Re: It finally happened to me!

I read your post this AM, then I went to my local hobby shop where I picked up a set of Dacians. Low and behold it contained three sprues of Dacians and one sprue of Ancient Germans! I'll be sending HaT an email.

my e mail

Dear Scott
As per my e mail above;
Don't forget to let your shop/supplier know if there is a fault. They can send the batch back otherwise they will carry on selling them.

Re: my e mail


I showed the shopkeeper and told him that I would try to resolve with HaT. If not, I'll take it back to him and he will return it to the distributor.

Take care.