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Russian history

Hi friends,

some days ago Hank asked for more information about Russian history. I would go further and want to ask for more figures for Russian campaigns. Strelets did a great job with Medieval Russians, Peter the First, Crimean war and now WW1 cavalry.

What do you all think about more Russian history? The Russo-Turkish wars of the 1780/90ies and 1828 (the uniform useful against the Poles 1830/31 too), especially the Russo-Turkish war of 1877 (I guess Radu would like it). Or what about the Russo-Swedish war of 1788/90 with Russians in the Potemkin uniform fighting Swedes with their colourful uniform of this period?

Russians for the SYW. Frederick won the war only because he made peace with Russia.

Or as I am a colonial buff , what about the Russian campaigns against Shamil in today Georgia or the campaigns of the 1870ies? The war between Russia and Afghanistan 1885?

There is such a lot of good stuff, which maybe is unknown for some collectors. I see figure collecting and painting as part of an education too. Roland for example takes figures to teach with them at school. To learn more about history through our hobby is a great thing.

This means not, that I don’t want to have other figures too. But Strelets with their Russian roots would be the specialist for these campaigns.

What do you all think about it? Or Strelets, what do you think? Do you have fear, that such figures can not be sold because they are too exotic? I think not.


Re: Russian history

i buy anything russian history wise. my fascination with russia goes back to my father who was a russian linguist in the air force. so we always had books on russia in my house. and i would love to see more sets on the SYW theme. we've got so little to work with in plastics. revell and maybe some conversions from the ARW period. i suppose you could convert a few GNW figures too...anyway, yes these 'little wars' sets would be interesting to work on. spacebo!

Re: Re: Russian history

SYW is a very underrepresented period in 1/72 plastic. So a big yes for SYW from me (although I'm a big French & Indian War fan). I also always liked more 'exotic' themes, so I'm glad you mentioned some of them Uwe. I could start counting them now ...better not .

Re: Re: Re: Russian history

Hi Alex,

I just started to mention some of the Russian wars.
It would be an interesting to list conflicts for which we have no figures.

Afghan-Chinese war of the late 1880ies for example. Just to have one of the lesser known.

But we are all young and can hope for more exotics in the future.


Russio-Japanese War

The uniforms of both the Russians and Japanese during the Russio-Japanese war were exceptionally colorful and handsome. Plus winter and summer versions.

It would be a big, big, mistake for Strelets*R to pass up the opportunity to make this theme, especially as they are the Russian 1/72 soft plastic experts today.

I know Ceasar has put them on thier list, but more Gray Russians, and more Gray opponents (gray, gray, gray) and limited to a few poses. Nobody could do it better than the Strelets*R Team so I wish they would put it in the futures production list.

Economics/sales = I'll buy alot of them -

Re: Russio-Japanese War

Dear Dave,

indeed the uniforms of the Russo-Japanese war were quite interesting and at some stage we wanted to make this period, however later on Ceasar announced their intention and we temporarily gave up this idea. Having said that, thank you very much for absolutely excellent reference materials for this war that you sent to us. Hopefully, we will still have a chance to use them in future.
Best regards,


Re: Re: Russio-Japanese War

Dear Strelets*R,

Many of your supporters would like you and the S*R Team to keep the Russio-Japanese War in the round-table discussions for future sets. We are very excited for them to appear. And we will wait, but keep reminding you - Thank you!

Dear David O'B,

Am I starting to sound like I'm speaking Japanese-English again? ... you know ... the future tense thing ... golly I hate grammar! Cheers Mate!

Russian expansion in the east

Dear Dave

I agree.

Strelets - have courage develop your ranges.

WWI Eastern front infantry + artillery
Russo-Jap War
Russian Civil war
Russian Medieval warriors
17th century Russian warriors

I thought Caesar Miniatures were going to concentrate on Oriental/Far Eastern ranges but after 13 Ancient Middle Eastern sets gazumpin Russo-Jap War and Hsiung Nu maybe the clue is in the name. In my huge Dorling Kindersley book entitled "Battle" there are a couple of pages (about the same as the English Civil war) dedicated to the Chinese Qing (pronounced ching) dynasty campaigns in the 17th century. These included battles against the Dutch and the Russians. The Qing/Manchu warriors would make wonderful figures sculpted by Chinese, made in China and authentic. Passed opportunity?

Re: Russio-Japanese War

Hey Dave,

and we should check our uniform-material for this war. Maybe we can help each other out here too.


Re: Russian history

Dear Uwe,

we were considering some of the conflicts that you have mentioned. Especially we are interested in 7YW. Well may be, we will make some sets in 2007-8. However some may complain that we are going in another area before completing the existing ranges (though how can you complete any range at all, just have a look at WWII?).
Best regards,


Re: Re: Russian history

WWII? Russian Engeneers Please.

Re: Re: Russian history

Dear Strelets,

that is good news for me. Oh yes, to cover a complete war is very difficult.

As for the Russo-Japanese war I could give you another parcel of uniform-plates. If Caesar wants to make a set for the Russian infantry I am wondering which of the dozens of different uniforms they want to show. So there is much need for more figures!

In case you need material for other troops please ask and I will search through my collection.