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Question To Strelets*R

Dear Strelets*R,

Below, we have been having a little fun discussing conversions. The topic was your first U.S. Cavalry set. But I have noticed that the U.S. Cavalry set II has dropped off your radar (of future sets).

Could you please confirm that your S*R Team will make this future set, hopefully dismounted especially poses as we round-table discussed on your forum in the recent past with many exciting suggestions by your forum members?

Thank you!

Re: Question To Strelets*R

I am also eagerly awaiting dismounted US Cavalry as well as opponent sets. I really think that this series would suit the Strelets*R style. I hope that you will produce these figures soon!!!! Thanks!

Yes, please

We need(!) those sets, and the N.A. from differnt tribe for a little conflict.

Re: Yes, please

Another vote for the dismounted Cav!

Re: Question To Strelets*R

Dear Dave,

we haven't given up the idea, the set is planned for 2007. Most probably it will be a mix of mounted and dismounted figures.
Best regards,


That's great news, but.....

please consider expanding the American West line.