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Re: Re: the perfect Strelets' set - Viking or Roman camps-YES! YES!YES!!!

Hi, Radu,
5 sets? 5 Dukes? Sounds good, particularly as the Brunswickers had a habit of losing Dukes. Good planning to carry a few spares. I have a metal Duke Wilhelm. It's an OK figure: little tubby. But I'd be glad to replace him & then convert the others to Brunswicker staff officers.
Given the popularity of 'Waterloo' sets, I don't think Strelets could lose out here.
best wishes, donald

A Waterloo series

I like the thought, but would prefer to replace the duke with a mounted artillerymen.

Why not ask for a second mounted staff set which includes mounted officers for line, light and leib, an adc and the duke and some lancers as escort and have a set dedicated to hussars and mounted artillerymen.

And then make a Dutch-Belgian staff set with the Prince of Orange, an ADC, a Guide, Perponcher, Chassé, d'Aubreme, a Belgian and Dutch line infantry and a mounted militia officer. This leaves room for another three figures (generals, guide, officers,...).

Strelets could also make a Brunswick army set with Line and light infantry, command and some foot artillery figures (no guns).

I could think of a few more sets only for Waterloo (D-B carabiniers, horse artillery, Prussian hussars,landwehr in British uniforms,...)but my intention was to answer to the sugestion of Donald. So I say it's a great idea. I am also in favor of more camp sets.

Re: A Waterloo series

Dear Pieter,

a very good idea.
But we need packages with Trainsoldiers,
wounded and dead Soldiers/Horses
and Prisoners,too..


Strelets, tovarich

Hi, Pieter,
you expect me to argue with you?
Great suggestions! Are you listening Strelets? If you follow Pieter's ideas, I will be your friend eternally.
regards, donald

Re: Strelets, tovarich

Dear Donald,

we are listening!
Regretfully, we won't become friends in 2006 but who knows what will happen later on ?


Re: Re: Strelets, tovarich

OK, Strelets. You know I owe you to much *not* to be friends with you!
But think about adding Dutch-Belgians & Brunswickers to the list.
best wishes, donald

Hey. Pieter

did you tell me about this site?
If not, check it out. If so, a thousand thanks. Can't tell you how much I've used it.
regards, donald

Re: Hey. Donald

It really is a superb site. I also use it a lot. I was very surprised when I checked out the uniforms of the Gendarmes of the Guard. I am much obliged to Alexis, the creator, for making this site.

Have you checked

I really believe that if we keep saying that we would like these sets and why and if there is enough support, that strelets will make them.

I know that Brunswick and the Kingdom of the Netherlands were no Napoleonic great powers and that there roll was limited in the entire period. But by God they were there in june 1815 on those famous days and battles that so many wargamers and collectors dream to recreate. And there they did what was expected of them. So it just wouldn't be the same without them.

Why make a figure of the Prince of Orange? Yes he was a corps commander and commanded the Dutch-Belgian army and yes he was at Quatre Bras. Nice.But that can also be contributed to the advice of others. But what makes him unique is that he was wounded at the battle and people thought it necessary to erect a famous monument to remember the occassion. The lion of waterloo. ;-) What would Waterloo be today without him LOL.

Re: Re: Hey. Donald

Hi, Pieter,
I don't know that site but I'll go there after this.Thanks.
Are you a wargamer?
I love my D-B & Brunswicker 'armies' for several reasons especially because they provide good sized forces to wargame with.
I have 2 brigades of L. cavalry & 3 brigades of infantry for the D-Bs: a medium sized force good for your 3 hour game. The Brunswickers are 2 brigades of in infantry strong: great for a small game such as 'hold the crossroads' etc. Put them together & you have a largish 'army' to oppose a French corps or so trying to fall on the unsuspecting British.
The additions you mentioned would certainly enhance this. Particularly more cavalry.
BTW I have a soft spot for the historical Prince of Orange. He was thrown into high command too early & didn't exactly excell but he was brave &, as you know, matured later into a fine commander. I have a metal figure of him but would gladly replace it with plastic as is very stodgy in its modelling.
take care, donald
(fancy a game next Saturday at my place? Don't be late)