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Yo yo ma

You have my respect. I am 40+, and would never have guessed that you are that young, from your previous comments. I just hope you would not feel that you are among dinosaurs (one excluded, for obvious reasons), and hope you will feel comfortable among us.


petrovici radu

Re: Yo yo ma

Yup. I'm a dinosaur! At least, in one way. Not the other. Dinos rule, dogs drool!

OT for just a moment, does anyone else model dinos?

Anyway, it's good that we have a wide variety of ages here. I won't say mine here, and hope that won't offend anyone. But a mixture of different ages is a good thing in this kind of hobby...we're all not little 10-year-olds, at least! (No offense to anyone, please!) It's a real hobby--and I don't care if anyone thinks us silly for "playing with toy soldiers"! I don't have a problem with that kind of thing...I even collect Legos and post my creations online. I've heard it attracts some women, and turns others off. We don't won't the shallow ones who would hate our hobby for stupid reasons, now do we?!?!

Re: Re: Yo yo ma

Generation Airfix and Vietnam.

Re: Re: Re: Yo yo ma

I forgot to mention that my son has joined me in the hobby- age 12.


I love history, so the hobby just follows that love.