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Ancients - future releases????

This is probably an extension of previous thread about 'slowing down', although the real problem is probably over-extension...
Anyway, a really annoying habit nowadays is for manufacturers to branch out into a new unexploited era with a couple of sets, and then fail to provide back-up. Worst example is probably HaT's excellent Late Roman heavy inf & cats, while the long-promised complementary sets of inf & cav seem to have been overtaken on the production line by Assyrians, Indians, Sumerians etc, splendid though they might be, leaving the frustrated collector with half an army. Similarly, why couldn't Caesar have released Egyptian and Mycenean chariots at the same time as the infantry, instead of their apparently random order...???

Re: Ancients - future releases????

Exactly .Strelets are no angels at keeping their word. They have dropped crimean war infantry to do ww1 cavalry sets etc
I wont buy an y more sets until the promised crimean infantry appear.

Re: Re: Ancients - future releases????

Dear Hank,

we aren't angels, that's for sure. Alas, we have to work to earn our living .
To be serious, how many times did we announce ETA for our sets and didn't deliver them? Some sets posted on our futures page don't have ETAs at all. That means that we take a liberty to decide when we will actually release them at the same time showing the seriousness of our intentions in certain area. We hope you realise that the production process is a complex thing and priorities may change depending on a lot of factors, therefore we have to have space for manouver.
Best regards,


Re: Ancients - future releases????

Great, a whinge corner... must join in. My biggest gripe is actually with Haron who have launched the Boxers and the Janissaries and so far zip to put in front. The Boxers is a real frustration because it is actually quite difficult to find the right stuff. OK, now we have the STrelets English infantry, a set which I actually don't find that good... the figures are a bit flat, the topees not so well shaped. Incidentally the same goes for the Bengal Lancers.

Re: Ancients - future releases????

I Agree with that Phillipe, guess Crimean figures may be ancient by the time they get produced.Some of those cavalry figures do look a bit flat and 2 dimensional.