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And finally...Strelets WWI range

While I don't collect WW1 (with a couple of exceptions - you know how it is) I do like the look of the cavalry ranges. They remind me of what I think would be a good range for the Strelets format. I know that Caesar are planning Chinese Civil War, and we've already had the RCW Red Cavalry, but something like the Copplestone Back of Beyond range (link below) would seem a nice progression for Strelets WW1 sculptor, with plenty of opportunity for individual expressions, clothing and weaponry. More so than he more regular uniformed armies anyway. If I were new to collecting, or didn't mind about incompatibility of figures, I might well have gone for some of his stuff - even the pumpkin-sized heads and huge hands, bazooka thickness rifles etc don't seem too bad...

How about you all - yet another area waiting to be done, or another diversion from finishing our favourite ranges?

One more observation: Strelets stated that most sales occur as soon as a set comes out - true, but if fewer sets appeared I may buy more of the existing ones. As it is I have long since failed to keep up with the new releases. Almost nostalgic for the bad old days of 1990s - at least I managed to paint them all then. (Only joking!)

Re: And finally...Strelets WWI range

Hi Jon,

this copplestone figures are 28mm? I haven't found a description of the scale on their homepage, but they are looking like bigger ones.

Chinese Civilwar or Indian infantry is a nice range!


Copplestone ranges

Dear Jon

They are excellent figures.
White metal has its limitations but the BOB range are inspirational even down to personality figures. BU41 is a great set.

PS I like the XMAS1 Evil Snowmen