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Mongols and shields

Dear Michael
Non-detachable shields looks like another fait accompli but maybe next time a plea for the detachable type. Swapping round and kite shaped shields helps to give variety to a mass of foot soldiers and as logical as including the ring hands.

My plea for Mongols is below in the Alexander Nevsky thread started by Dave H.

Re: Mongols and shields

Mongols? What Mongols?

Who's making Mongols? Me buy!

Re: Mongols and shields

And after another good set of Mongols maybe Chinese to open their second front?


shields post script

Dear Michael
Strelets writes below that they have "optional shields" not quite sure if this means detachable. See reply to Peter.
The masters looked like the shields were attached but only Strelets and time can/will tell or wait for the sprues.

Re: shields post script

Yes! Chinese warriors! If I remember correctly it was the Sun Dynasty that they first fought with? And then Kublai Khan started the Yuan Dynasty later...

Re: Re: shields post script

By Sun do you mean the Sung or was that the actual dynasty name of the Xi Xia (first "chinese" forces to clash with the Mongols)?
If you mean the Sung dynasty, then it was the 3rd chinese force after the Xi Xia and Jin (or Chin). In any case, I still wonder how a nation like medieval China has been completely ignored! We need them cruelly!

Re: Re: Re: shields post script

I told you I didn't remember exactly!

Sung sounds right, but I could be thinking of something else...I meant whatever dynasty existed during Genghis Khan's time.

--Okay, just looked it up online, said it was Jin. Oh well...Sun? Jin? Doesn't sound the mistake! It's been a while since I did heavy research on the Chinese dynasties (I did a little a year or two back).

Anyway, we DO need more Chinese figs! I demand MOOOOOOOORRRREEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glad you agree!


Re: Re: Re: Re: shields post script

Even I can't manage to remember which dynasty was in which part of China, it always gets complicated to me!

Anyway let's cheer up and know that if we stand together on this we will "force" someone to finally rethink the Chinese and make us some nice figures!
Hooray for China(s)!!

Re: Russian Army of Alexander Nevsky Suggestions

Could I make another suggestion of including some more neutral non-combative poses that would be useful for operating artillery pieces, including open/empty hands. It would be usefull for conversions for characters or specialist individuals. Thanks David for making relevant comments for this set.

Not only medieval Chinese

Hi friends,

as we talked about the Chinese armies. I would have more of them in mind. 1592-1599 fighting the Japanese in Korea (beside of course the Koreans).

And don't forget the Tai Ping rebellion. More people died there then in the first Worldwar.


Re: Not only medieval Chinese

I believe the Tai Ping rebellion also introduced to America the "death of 10,000 cuts" and gave it "General Tso's chicken".

Re: Re: Not only medieval Chinese

Yes! More asian figs! How about Chosin empire men? (Yi Sun-Shin, Korea.) Then we can model the Hideyoshi invasions!

Re: Re: Re: Not only medieval Chinese

A very good idea. So we can use the Zvezda Samurais against enemies which are look different.