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Re: Re: Russian Army of Alexander Nevsky

It has been several years since I last same Sergei Eisenstein's movie, but I do not recall that the movie expressly said the Germanic oponents were the Order of the Hospital of St. Mary of the Germans of Jerusalem (Teutonic knights) or the Germanic predecessors then operating in what is now Latvia. To the extent the Danes were overlords at the time, it was a somehat loose arrangement leaving the Germans a great deal of freedom of operation. I believe both of the Germanic orders operating in the Baltic drew recruits from the same areas of Europe and, except for native auxiliaries, should have been similarly armed and equipped, so the same figures should work for both.

As for the Teutonic knights reputation for invincibility, I read in a book on the Baltic crusades a list of actions lost and leaders killed prior to 1410.


Dear Willers
You translated Serge Eisenstein into English but he is universally known as Eisenstein. Eisenstein naturally was working under the watchful eye of Stalin so no time for revisionist history or accuracy. The film was one of the historical drama films of Eisenstein and the revised propaganda spin was developed with the Barbarossa German invasion of Russia in 1941. The enemy could easily be seen as the Finns?/Poles? initially as Stalin did not want to upset Hitler too much in 38/39. Most commentators usually say that the film is about the German invasion of Russia or at least a premonition of it but it is more to do with how Stalin wanted to be portrayed as the defender of the Slavs. Great propaganda and great art in this film's case can mould to suit different circumstances and different aspects of their masters. Addtionally Prokofiev's score is worthy of any concert hall.
The Crusaders were outnumbered by Nevski and had a very large contingent of Tartar/Mongols. Yes you are right the film is not an accurate history but a great film.