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Re: Re: Re: Re: Normans

Any camp set would be good. Barzso playsets did a nice American Civil War set a few years ago, in 1/32. But I'm sorry that era isn't one of your favorites. From posts here, it seems that it is other peoples' favorite.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Normans

How about a compromise - a Norman camp

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Normans

Of course, Normans!

just focus on producing crimean war figures first

Ivan, whats the deal? are you ever going to complete the Crimean range French Cavalrie, Brit Grenadiers(in coats surely )Russian Uhlans etc

But to answer your question davai ! Norman Infantry needed to guard the castle walls/battlements and town gates etc

Re: Normans

Normans would be greatly appreciated, and would compliment your Norman cavalry. Currently, the Mars recasts of the Revell Normans are the only foot figures available. Thanks for the consideration.

Re: Re: Normans

I've asked before for a set of Norman Infantry. Happy you'r bringing it up now yourself. A set of Norman Infantry would be a great set for you to produce.

Re: Normans

What would it consist of? How different would it likely be than Anglo-Saxon infantry? Would it be appropriate for other campaigns, such as the Norman adventures in Italy and the Balkens, the wars of Stephen, Maude and Henry in the early 1100s, the first crusades, and the wars of el Cid in Spain?

If you're looking for a western medieval topic, how about medieval Welsh up to 1282. Another possibility would be Flemish pike.

Re: Re: Normans

Hi Strelets,

of course we would need Norman infantry. The Normans lost a lot of horses in the first charges against the Saxons at Hastings, so they had to fight on foot.
Beside this, they had a large contingent of infantry at Hastings too.

Normans can be painted for a lot of German medieval armies, fighting Hungarians etc. too.

But you are a little bit late, we need these guys in October


Re: Re: Re: Normans

I do totally agree with Uwe.
There is an obvious lack of both Norman heavy and light infantry. Revell's foot Normans were too few and some inacurrate.



Yes Please

A Norman camp or command set would be great too.

Re: Normans

I'd prefer Byzantines ... but I'd but one or two packets.

Da svidaniya, Frank

Re: Re: Normans

Yeah,we going somwhere, Byzantines and Sasanides, Fatimides, Berbers, Abasides, Turks, and of course NORMANS!

Re: Normans

Strelets, I'll answer your question without asking one.

Yes, Normans would be great, along with Saxons. Thanks for giving us an opportunity to reply.

As for camp sets. Please don't waste your time making them.

Re: Re: Normans

Yes. Another vote for the Normans.

Re: Normans

Yes count me in.

Re: Normans

Foot Normans would be a good compliment to the horse Normans.

Re: Re: Normans

Norman infantry desperately needed - particularly archers. This would be avery versatile set for a lot of the earlier medieval period which is kind of thin on the ground compared with the post HYW stuff. Having said that the suggestion for Flemish pike was a good one as we need to cover that transition from the cavalry dominance to the re-emergence of powerful nfantry formations, some decent Swiss would be nice.
Anyway, definite yes for Norman infantry.

stormin Normans

Dear all

Strelets has identified this gap well. The Revell set has some good figures but far too few in the set and a lot of poor ones, far too many of each (men in tights top row ext right PSR and 5 of 'em).

My favourites but not in my favourite scale or material, Perry Miniatures, do a range of early crusaders (1st) most of which are right for Normans. The dead and wounded (would do for Saxons and Vikings as well), the command sets CU16/CU17 and the clerical command C15 are worth a look before "green stuff" is sculpted. The six archer poses CU22, nothing spectacular but usable and right. The Revell middle figure second row archer(PSR)demonstrates a very good way to become earless but probably based on the Bayeux tapestry the second from the left is a better pose as is ext left. You normally aim by looking along the arrow. Rick Scollins gets it right in the Osprey title "Hastings 1066" p79. Those Airfix Robin Hood archers were done in 1964 and are still some of the best poses 42 years later. The Perry ones remind me of them. Yes, as some write, there were a lot of archers, including crossbows and slings in William's army so worth getting it right.

I would prefer the figures to be adaptable to the campaigns in 1067-69 as well and not just designed for the one battle, Hastings. A scenario of Normans and new and not entirely trustworthy Anglo Saxon allies defending small forts against insurgents often their equal in arms has lots of possibilities. A couple of months ago I stood on one of the mottes (Eggesford) that was probably built in this period and thought it was about time we had some good Norman foot soldiers and Norman camp life sounds a good
follow up.

Re: stormin Normans

That sounds just great,
how about 3 Norman sets: Infantry, archers and camp life? Just like you would have Artillery and Infantry in seperate sets...just a thought.

Re: Re: stormin Normans

I do agree with Jan

one Heavy infantry set
one Light infantry + bowmen set
one camp set


Re: Re: stormin Normans

I do agree with Jan:

one Heavy infantry set
one Light infantry + bowmen set
one camp set


Re: Re: Re: stormin Normans

Hello there all,

I would have a great use for any Normans (mostly for the period around the invasion of Britain/Hastings), but the thing is they would mostly be for Saxon fodder! I could still use them, and so would enjoy any good figs made of them.