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Hussar museums

Dear Uwe
For the 11th Hussars
The Kings Royal Hussars (as they are now) Museum is in Winchester
For the 8th Hussars
The Queens Royal Irish Hussars( Queens Royal Hussars now) collection is in Eastbourne (Redoubt Fortress)
The QRH, not museum, but web site is:
both are basically in SE England.

British Cavalry regiments go through a lot of amalgamations as you would expect so it can be very confusing. British regiments are a little like families so if they merge, their collections go with them even though they may end up far from the original recruiting area.

Re: Hussar museums

HI David,

many thanks for the information. I was in Winchester two years ago. There is the Gurka-Museum, Rifle-Brigade, on infantry regiment, but I can't remember to see hussars there.

Eastbourne will be worth a visit. SE England would be a good location, last time I missed the Buffs and some others, because they were closed over the weekend....


Strelets, makers of 1/72 cannon fodder

Yup Strelets are getting the reputation for making cannon fodder sets.

Another cavalry regiment to be thrown against the guns."Use once only", tehn throw away, chuckle.

I hope these hussars will have reasonable and noticeable beards and sideburns than the previous Brit cav Crimean sets. I guess they will leap frog(forgive th epun) teh french cavb , earlier announced Brit Guards and Light Inf(should scrap this last box anyway).