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Re: Re: S*R 072 - German Uhlans (For Franco-Prussian/Mexican Adventure/WWI)

Hi Hank,

Thank you for your recommendation. I came to Japan in 1993 and rented this very same video within my first few months here. Just days after I returned the video, the shop went bankrupt and locked its doors. I could never get to it, or find it's title. You, you, you, rekindled the fire I have had in me since 1993.

As far as Hollywood fans are concerned, the Franco-Prussian War has never been covered. This U.S. release has "English Language" at the bottom of the screen. Now I understand the movie. My first time, I didn't know. It is wonderful.

For Toy Soldier Collectors, you have to play it again and again - over and over, so that you can see all of the fantastic uniforms. There are at least 3 Zouave combinations, German Uhlans, French Curassiers, both Infantries with cool Kepis and Pickelhaubs. It "touches" on all of the beauty of the war (if we should say that).

Thanks Hank. I'm going to watch it again this weekend a few times to gleen all that is there!

Happy Collecting! and again, "Thanks!"

Re: S*R 072 - German Uhlans (For Franco-Prussian/Mexican Adventure/WWI)

Hi Dave,

not to forget Russian Ulans for the war of 1877!

So you bought this movie too? I now can't wait untill Hank's parcel arrives.


Re: Re: S*R 072 - German Uhlans (For Franco-Prussian/Mexican Adventure/WWI)

Dear Uwe,

This is a really wonderful movie, whether you are a Franco-Prussian War fan or like really well-made movies for entertainment.

I will not spoil the surprises, but will say, I believe you will want to watch this many times over, and each time you will find something new and something fascinating about it. I have only seen it twice in 13 years, and am only beginning to discover it's superiority.

It is I believe a French production, but you will be pleasantly surprised at who the "real hero" is!

Happy Viewing! (and please give us your opinion)

Re: Re: Re: S*R 072 - German Uhlans (For Franco-Prussian/Mexican Adventure/WWI)

Dear Dave,

wow, now I can't wait to get this movie. The war of 1870/71 is one of my favorites, because we have such a colourful armies.

I will write you, how I liked it.


Champ D'Honneur

I read this thread. Went to my library's website and found that my county, Morris in New Jersey, USA owns two copies. Can not wait to view it!

Re: But Remember, The "True Hero" is so young! - What is his name?

The movie is about family, and togetherness!