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S*R Teams New WWI Cavalry Sets- Awesomely Handsome!

We can all now see the scans of the newest Strelets*R sets of WWI Cavalrymen, which will be avialable to Europeans this month, and to the N. Americans soon thereafter. Golly-gosh-durn-it, I can hardly wait!

When comparing the individual figurines to some of their's produced a couple of years ago, this whole range rates a 10++++ in my book.

The S*R Team is proving that they are improving thier skills, as we increase our insatiable desire for their fine, fine figurines.

I can only find fault in the fact that all 6 sets are in one "Gray" color (what happened guys), but when you enjoy the facial detials and poses, this 6-set range will be a classic, as the Crimeans and Anglo-Boers surely will be!

Give me 20 sets of the 072 German Uhlans, please. I will use 15 for myself, and then in 10 years sell the other 5 sets and get all of my investment back, plus some guilty-profit!

All of these sets are going to do some real fighting on my desk-top; and some are going to be casualties, as they should be!

For the rest of my life (no kidding) - "Thank You S*R Team!" and Happy Collecting Mates! Have a nice weekend - Over and out!

Re: S*R Teams New WWI Cavalry Sets- Awesomely Handsome!

Dear Dave,

thank you for your message.
Actually the colours are different: dark grey for the Germans and light grey for the Russians.
Best regartds,


Re: Re: S*R Teams New WWI Cavalry Sets- Awesomely Handsome!

Why not green for the Russians like in the crimea war? I think this was a really good choice not only because of their real uniforms.


Actually I think the colours are well chosen. The only existing WWI Russians are those from Hat, and they are mid grey, so the Strelets should hopefully match.

Re: S*R Teams New WWI Cavalry Sets- Awesomely Handsome!

Great stretegy of S*R team as the great cavalry battles are on the east with Russian against Germany.