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Re: There is a big need for ACW

Yes, I've got your point. You are right with this.
I have the full Woodensfeld range, so I know what you mean.

BTW, Woddensfeld stopped because of bad health in his family. But in case someone wants to order figures from his old ranges, there is still an opportunity to get the figures from him.

Beside this plastic-sets with just marching or standing in reserve figures would be needed on the market. For every war!

Re: Re: Re: Crimean

Hi Uwe

I only mentioned ACW because Strelets said they would be doing some as I remember. Personally I am not a big fan of ACW for the reasons you mention, but I am happy for them to be done so long as other things are done also.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Crimean

Hi Jon,

no problem. I just want to say, that there is a lot of history for which there are no figures avaiable.
Other wars are overfilled in my mind.

But you are right, I am happy for every new set too as long as there are other things being produced.


Re: Crimean British


You can use Italeri Napoleonic French Horse Artillery for RHA with some conversion, except that the wheels of the guns have to be replaced by bigger ones, for example from the Revell Napoleonic British Foot Artillery.