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Re: To David O'Brien

Dear O'B,

Thank you so much for posting the following link:

* Link -

These fine figurines, O'B, are super cool. E-Mails are supposed to be short (and I suffer from over-kill) so I will say only, the Gordon Final Moments theme is awesome, and the Black Watch Highlanders are Oh, so handsome! "I want, I want, I want ... !"

Again, thanks for the link and additional toy soldier references

Re: Re: To David O'Brien

Dear Dave
Glad you enjoyed it. Did you look at the 54mm Gallipoli ones they did for Peter Jackson (of Lord of the Rings film fame)? They are amazing. The Perry sculptors got minor parts in the film as an additional thank you from PJ.

Re: Re: Re: To David O'Brien

Hi David,

The sculpting poses are amazing. A lot of talent there. I went back to the Sudan figurines and am getting more ideas for conversions, such as 10th Hussars with spiked foreign service helmet. Wouln't be hard to put a small spike on top of the helmet via plug. I have bookmarked the site for future reference. Can't wait until my box arrives next week!

Thanks again and have a nice weekend!

Re: To Uwe Wild

Dear Uwe,

I would like to take a moment to thank you and your partners in making so many awesome Dioramas.

Selfishly speaking, I have high-hopes that someday you and your Team will make an Anglo-Boer Wars "Spion Kop" Diorama as well as a "Charge of the Light Brigade" Diorama. Of course, we still need the famous British Hussars (for the Light Brigade - Do I have no shame in plugging this fine set again here?) No, I have no shame!

In short,

* I love the "Poltzk" Diorama and the specific scans where you and your Diorama Team used (I'm guessing) the early morning shadows to highlight the buildings and accessories. Those shadows look - Soo Cool!

* I am hopeful the "Battle of Aliwal" Diorama will inspire the S*R Team to expand their Indian/Afghan range into infantry and more cavalry.

* The "Romans" look "Durn-fine!"

* Your Diorama Team's "Bunker Hill" chokes me up. Of course I wasn't there, but no kidding, my ancestors were. Thank you for bringing this event to 4-Dimentional real life and honoring those tough, tough, Americans, British, and others who gave thier all to making this a better world for all of us today.

By the way, living in Japan, my hands are tied. But in November, I relocate back to the U.S. in Texas. You know I am not a painter, but maybe in the near-time future (beginning 2007) I can send you and your Diorama Team some conversions for you to paint-up and include in one or two of your dioramas. Keep in mind, my focus is on Colonial to WWI, with limited Romans In 2007 I hope to give more to others in this wonderful hobby, as you and your Diorama Team have given us so much visual pleasure!

Thank you, Uwe; thank you "Diorama Team." This forum is anxiously awaiting your next Dioramas!

Re: Re: To Uwe Wild

Dear Dave,

many thanks for your warm words.

A Boer diorama would be an interesting idea for a future project. In a German forum we were called Anglocentric, because we had only British battles in the last years.

The charge of the light Brigade was another idea of mine too. Beside the Strelets and Emhar cavalry, Tumbling Dice made a good range of Crimean cavalry too. So we have a lot of good poses. To show the charge of a British cavalry brigade in a correct formation – yes, that sounds interesting.

Polotzk I made at home on my small plate (2,5x2,0 meters), the Roman diorama (which is still at work) is there too.

As for Aliwal, there are just a few plastic figures on the market. I am very happy about the Strelets and Emhar British crimean cavalry. With a paintjob they can be easily done. All the other figures would be conversions, so there is hard work for us. But I spoke with an English metal-soldier manufactor, giving them information etc. and now they will produce a whole range for the Sikh wars.

Maybe this diorama will cheer up some manufactors to expand or start an Indian range. Strelets started it with the Bengal lancers and some of the British (I hope for the Scotts) can be used for the campaigns of 1878-1900 in India too. Would it be too much if I would say, I would like to see an Afghan army for the second Afghan war? The movie „The far pavillion“ (right original title?) with the fighting in the Kabul residence is very inspiring. The last stand of the Guides with absolut perfect uniforms for them and the Afghan Herat regiments is great!

BTW, our first big project was Gettysburg. This was a work of eight years with a lot of people involved. 25.000 figures on a plate 80 meters in square. You can see some of the photos on Kai Fuhrmanns homepage. And I have a DVD, which we made from this diorama. So I am not bored in the civil-war as some of you may think (he,he). I just want to have figures for other wars too.

Thanks for offering to make conversions for one of our future dioramas. I like your conversions, they are really good. Every help for the anual project is needed.

Now in October we will show the battle of Hastings (another English one). Up to now we painted around 2000 figures. Not much, if you imagine the close packed ranks of the Anglo-Saxons.

For 2007 Aliwal a friend of mine has a collection of around 2500 converted figures, which he made 10-15 years ago. So here we have a good base.

In 2008 it will be the battle of Aspern (without English). In my collection I have around 4000 figures ready painted for this battle. My dream is to have 10.000 figures for this.
I finished reading the Austrian Generalstaff-work for this war and now have to check other sources. The diorama should – as always – be historical ok. We don‘t want to place a mass of figures on a plate. It should be right formations and uniforms there.

For Aspern I have a cavalry-clash in mind. Five French and German regiments attacking Austrian squares, get themselves attacked by Austrian Chevaulegers in the flank. This should be the right half of the diorama. On the left the village of Aspern with a lot of street fighting.

Thanks HAT for his plans to increase his Austrian range!!

Maybe we should do it in 2009 for the 200th aniversary and make a colonial diorama as you wished in 2008. But then we need more different figures and units for this. Just two packs for Spion Kop is too less. On the other hand, the charge of the light Brigade – a really good idea... First I thought about the battle of the Alma as a crimean diorama. But the landscape would be very difficult and - I am sad to say – the Strelets British infantry was not very impressing to me.

The work on the Roman diorama goes forward, but very slow. Maybe I should send some more photos to Strelets?

All the best for you

Re: To Dave Keen of Plastic Soldier Review (PSR) Fame & the "Poll"

Dear DK,

I would like to tell you I have enjoyed checking out your Poll every few days. Personally speaking, I was afraid the Colonial Wars Themes would lose out very badly to other themes, but it didn't happen.

Loosly counting, the Colonials rank about 3rd (#3) compared to the other themes.

Great job DK! I apologize for my unfounded fears and thank you for bringing "True Light" to the hobby and sharing all hobbiest's and collector's opinions.

You're the "King" Keen! Thank you, Mate!

Re: To American Customers/Collectors of Fine S*R Truely Soft Plastic 1/72 Figurines

I buy allot of my stuff from Ken at TSHQ. Ken is great to work with. Good customer service and fast shipping.

The rest of my figs are obtained off of Ebay.