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ACW v Other Wars

We need more ACW sets like we need used to need more more French Nap infantry or and we currently need more French Nap Cuirassiers. Truth is that we don't "need" any of them, but there is a great demand for them which for manufacturers is almost the same thing.

Why ACW and not other pre 20th century American wars? Certainly far more Americans were impacted (positively or negatively) by the war than by the Mexican War (as it used to be known in an Amero-centric pre PC era), the Spanish American War, the War of 1812 or the French & Indian War (again an Amero-centric name). The ACW certainly still holds the record for the most casualties and deaths of any American war in gross numbers (can't speak for % of population). It also produced a fair share of "romantic" literature that exposed those outside the US to the war, creating some market for the ACW outside the US as well.

Should those other wars be produced? If there is a market for them YES. Should manufacturers hold off producing new ACW sets to cover other wars, American and otherwise? Only if they hold off on producing WWII and Nap sets for the same reasons.

There is a big need for ACW

I like variations in my units, e.g. I don't like to use for a marching unit one single pose of one set and then have 120 in my unit - all clones.
Instead I like to mike the same poses of different manufactueres so 6 different marching men from 6 different manufactueres look that much better, then add some head swaps and it even looks better.
The now dead range of Woodenfelds had about 40 different soliers - in just one pose of Right Shoulder shift, war a joy to paint up a unit like this and have 40 individual characters.

Re: There is a big need for ACW

Yes, I've got your point. You are right with this.
I have the full Woodensfeld range, so I know what you mean.

BTW, Woddensfeld stopped because of bad health in his family. But in case someone wants to order figures from his old ranges, there is still an opportunity to get the figures from him.

Beside this plastic-sets with just marching or standing in reserve figures would be needed on the market. For every war!

Re: Re: Re: Crimean

Hi Uwe

I only mentioned ACW because Strelets said they would be doing some as I remember. Personally I am not a big fan of ACW for the reasons you mention, but I am happy for them to be done so long as other things are done also.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Crimean

Hi Jon,

no problem. I just want to say, that there is a lot of history for which there are no figures avaiable.
Other wars are overfilled in my mind.

But you are right, I am happy for every new set too as long as there are other things being produced.


Re: Crimean British


You can use Italeri Napoleonic French Horse Artillery for RHA with some conversion, except that the wheels of the guns have to be replaced by bigger ones, for example from the Revell Napoleonic British Foot Artillery.