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Re: Re: Artillery Sets

I like both sets (better than the Airfix limber!). However, since the horses appear to be interchangable, I wish Zvezda and/or HAT would've made one team staionary and one team in motion. It would've given more flexibilty to diorama builders. I don't know if it matters to wargamers.

Re: Artillery Sets

Well one of the most exciting ways i play with my artillery is racing the guns into action after an ambush or racing to get them away from the enemy covering a retreat etc.

Therefore i like the sets with the limbers.
But manufacturers make the teamsters so wooden, a bit more urgency please. Be great to see a 1/72nd artillery set with Brit Pith helmets (or egyptian/turkish fez) ,sure would spice things up.

Re: Re: Artillery Sets

i think there's a need for both 'action' and 'static' poses in all branches of a miniature army. static poses make excellent reserve formations for wargamers.