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Re: Scottish Schiltrons

Scotland was a fairly poor country. So for the first line well armed nobles but behind them more poorly armed. That's part of the reason why the Scottish King got killed by leading from the front rather than directing from the rear where its easier to escape when things go wrong.

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Re: Re: Scottish Schiltrons

Ah, the Knights have appeared! Look very nice.

Will the poles be separate items, or are they still to be added to the figs?

Spears will be separate

Re: Spears will be separate

Awesome! And, given the little bit of research that I have done into Scottish late medieval/early Renaissance military costume, most of the footmen in the set would work for Scottish troops all the way into the mid-1500's - the billmen and guy with the two-handed axe seem especially appropriate. Add to them a few musket-wielding Conquistadors from Caesar's upcoming set, and you can have a Scottish army from Pinkie Cleugh or Ancrum Moor with some French gunners interspersed among the schiltrons. Love it!