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ACW General release in Sept

Dear Strelets*R,

Like many others I thought the Confederate mounted Generals were top notch. I was a little disappointed with the Union foot, great detail but personally didn't see much use for band members other than the drummers. Some buglers and more standard bearers (even without a flag which I think most would normally cut off) would make for a better set. I will be using a lot of these for conversions. I hope the sculptor will heed this and the PSR comments on the Union foot and improves on the Confederate foot. I'm sure the Union mounted will be as fine as the Conferdate set.
All of the June and Sept releases have been named except the ACW set. Are you able to confirm whether this will be the Confederates on foot or the Union mounted set?

Many thanks

Re: ACW General release in Sept

Dear Daniel,

that will be the mounted command set.
Best regards,


Re: ACW General release in Sept


Re: Re: ACW General release in Sept

Will we see pics soon?

Re: Re: Re: ACW General release in Sept

Very good news! And don't forget to begin planning the Regulars, the Union Infantry and Confederate Infantry (with big blanket-rolls) soldiers.

These will be the "Big Money!" ... of course!