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Re: Favourite plastic figure

Great question that's really got me thinking.

30 years war arty
Possibly man firing with left arm extended and holding his hat. Such fluidity.

Expect me to offer other contributions to this thread though.

Re: Favourite plastic figure

The officer from ancient Greek infantry, Zvezda 8005. PSR says modelled on a bronze statue of a Spartan officer. The whole set of the hoplite army is gorgeous, close to the best detail of any set IMHO.

The flagbearer in the recent Zveda Napoleonic Russian grenadiers.

Any maybe not a great figure, but utterly indespensible for your Napoleonic army, the emperor himself on horseback from Italeri French imperial staff. Paul.

To paul

Yes, that officer is based on a very well known statue of an Spartan officer.
Only this statue is holding both his arms under his cloak, not pointing orso as the zvezda one.
Very nice.
Also the kneeling hoplite one is very dramatic: defending himself while lokking upwards.

Re: To paul


Thanx for info.

Gartlym: Agree with all. We are spolit for choice in Napoleonics.

Re: Favourite plastic figure

Hmmm... Revell US Marines, the one waving for the squad to follow. Revell (modern) german paratroops, the one reloading a granatpistole (pretty dinamic pose to me, not a standart one at that).

Re: Re: Favourite plastic figure

Revell Life Guard trumpeter, along with the fellow just sitting on his horse. And just about any from their Garde Chasseurs set. And the Chasseur in the French Staff set of Italeri. And the Revell Prussian infantry drummer.