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New Russians

Very interested to see the sculpts for the new Alexander Nevsky set - this may breath new life into the Livonians, Teutonic Knights and Russian warriors produced by Italeri/Zvezda while back.

Re: New Russians

Dear Graham

I hope they get him to look like the Eisenstein film version of Alexander Nevsky.
The Zvezda sets are OK but a little light on variation especially the foot soldiers ( the Livonians particularly). It would be good if Strelets designed them to go with these sets and not make them too big, etc. It is the "horde" issue we have discussed before. My guess is Strelets 40+ poses are very suitable for this type of formation to give realism and body to what were big armies.

I,like you, look forward to seeing the masters.

Re: Re: New Russians

Dear David,

the set will be similar in composition to the Scottish set, i.e. it will contain 6 mounted figures and 18 foot figures.
Best regards,