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toy shops in Sweden and in Stokholm

i am going a little trip to sweden and can someone tell me is there any good to shops where i can buy strelets and hat figures ? thanks if you can help me

The best shop closes june 3.

The best shop(Tennsoldaten hobby) closes june 3, and will not open again.
Rörstrandsg. 26, 11340 STOCKHOLM;;Tennsoldaten%20Hobby;R%F6rstrandsg.%2026;;;11340;STOCKHOLM;08;31%2066%2029;;;1626660;6582095;1;1;&mapstate=5;1626660;6582095;0;0;0;0;0;&ax=&click_id=GulaSidorna_ToMap

Otherwise you will have to visit Wentzels Hobby, wich is as central Stockholm as you can get, but that is more comercial than Tennsoldaten and therefore more expensive and has mostly high quantities of the most common brands.
Wentzels Hobby
Regeringsgatan 25
103 23 Stockholm
Tel: 08-24 07 90
Fax: 08-24 16 72
Map is here:;;Wentzels%20Hobby%2C%20AB;Regeringsg.%2025;;Box%2016118;10323;STOCKHOLM;08;24%2007%2090;;;1628768;6581201;1;1;&mapstate=5;1628768;6581201;0;0;0;0;0;&ax=&click_id=GulaSidorna_ToMap

If you are interested in train moddels then you should visit Eskader:;;Eskader%2C%20Firma%20H%20P%20Langhorst;Gumshornsg.%208;;;11460;STOCKHOLM;08;662%2018%2053;;;1629998;6581665;1;1;&mapstate=5;1629998;6581665;0;0;0;0;0;&ax=&click_id=GulaSidorna_ToMap

Wentzels Hobby

dear sven
how much does cost Hat Figures in that shop i am looking H8095;H8099 and french ammunition caison how much to they cost there?