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Re: CSA Generals (And others, too!)

Hi Roland, Sculptor & Everyone,

Ronland's painting style and attention to detail is absolutely awesome. Immediately Barksdale's facial skin details and blowing hair catch your attention and then the gaunlets guide you out. Whew! Breathtaking. JEB Stuart is another favorite. And the fine details that make Lee look so distinguished makes me want the rest of my hair to turn white!

Giving credit, it is hard to believe that these fine figurines are 1/72 scale. The paint highlights the incredible sculpting job that was done. My compliments again to the young man who sculpted these fine American Civil War sets. I look forward to seeing some Union soldiers painted up next.

Already, the S*R Team is enjoying the fruits of thier efforts for this theme. Hopefully we will see many more sets related to these fine fellows in the time to come.

To Roland, the Partners, the Sculptors, and all the "Contributors" and "Forum Fans" who support the S*R Team ...

My Compliments; Well Done; and a Toast!

Roland's CSA Generals (And others, too!)

Dear all

Yes these are indeed very small figures. Strelets make them characterful and Roland gives that character life. Plastic is not the poor relation of white metal any more and many of these figures could easily pass for 28mm metal ones.
Thanks go to Roland for sharing his hard work and skill with us.Very much appreciated.

Roland's CSA Generals - Where can I see the pics?


Where can I find Roland's pictures? As you can no doubt see by my name, I love the ACW and would likely love the figures!

I'm sure they look great!


Re: Roland's CSA Generals - Where can I see the pics?

Hi CWD. The pics are at the top of the S*R contributions page at the moment, and very fine they are too.

Re: Re: Roland's CSA Generals - Where can I see the pics?

Ah, thank you Jon.

SUPERB painting job, Mr. Kupski--just GORGEOUS!!!! I wish I could paint like that.

I don't think I've ever been to that page before. Great work all! That Bunker Hill one was great. Stephanie Brunet is ure talented too.



Re: Re: Re: Roland's CSA Generals - Where can I see the pics?

Hi, Thanks. I have just been on a journey for a few days, so I could see your comments but now. I am happy about your pleasure to see them - it was a pleasure to paint them too.