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Crimean Russian hussars

I know this has been asked before so sorry to be a nuisance.
Could the Strelets' Crimean Russian hussars be converted into Nap Prussian cavalry?

Re: Crimean Russian hussars

Hi Donald,

why not? Put the head of the HAT Russian dragoons on them and you have Russian cavalry for Eylau. Or give them a Czapka and another hand with a lance. The greatcoat was the same style in 1812 as in 1855.


Re: Re: Crimean Russian hussars

Thanks, Uwe,much appreciated advice.
regards, donald

Re: Re: Re: Crimean Russian hussars

Just wanted to agree that they would work well (with head swaps) for Russians, as was mentioned. For Prussians, though, I'm not so sure. The greatcoat that the Russians used is longer than the litewka that the Prussians used. Also, the set has oilcloth covers for the shakos, (which is good) but they are covering a differently shaped shako than what the Prussians used almost forty years before.
Still, it might be a matter of personal choice. Just use different horses.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Crimean Russian hussars

The greatcoat also buttons? ties? around the legs to give the appearance of coveralls, which is a jolly sensible idea, but I think Napoleonic greatcoats would be more 'flappy'.