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Re: Dear Strelets -thanks- ! and best regards from Austria!

Good ideas, Mr. Macalka!

Your personality figure idea is good, but I think that maybe the maker should stick to humans. Moses is not a bad idea, but I'd be a little bit uncomfortable with Jesus as a fig (since, as a believer, I don't like images of him as I consider it a form of idolatry). But, hey, no hard feelings! I'm not a zealous critic and I'm glad that you even listed him! A lot of guys you mentioned would be great though...and Genghis Khan, William the Conqueror, Kings Harold and Alfred, Harold Hardraada, Yi Sun-Shin, and samurai leaders, all the WWII generals (Patton, Montgomery, Leigh-Mallory, Ike, Tojo, Mussolini, Hitler, Rommel, MacArthur, Kuribayashi, or perhaps even Hirohito), and Napoleonics, Revolutionary commanders...the list goes on and on! (How about the U.S. founding fathers, or presidents?) Is this a job for Valdemar Miniatures perhaps?

But your "Prehistoric" idea is the best! Dinosaurs would get me giddy. Sauropods, theropods, some ornithopods (like hadrosaurs, stegosaurs, ceratopsids, etc.). Mammoths and several Smilodon or wooly rhinos would be a nice set too, maybe with a tar pit! Maybe sets could be created corresponding to different geographical areas? (I.e., Gobi dinos, N. Amer. dinos, Africans, S. Amer., etc.)

Some great ideas Mr. Macalka!


Boer flags

A website which offers miniaturized reproductions of the historical flags of the Boer Republics of Transvaal and Oranje-Vrijstaat (quite at the top of the page. Click the names "Transvaal" and "Oranje-Vrijstaat", respectively):

Another flag of a Boer unit is shown in Terence Wise/Guido Rosignoli, Military Flags of the World 1618-1900, Blandford Press 1977, Plate 62, No.380 (flag of the Transvaal Krügersdorp Volunteers)

Hope this helps

please dont retire


Re: Keep thier Legacy Alive - please dont retire!

Ahmen! I totally agree with Kert ...

"Hallmark" (the American Greeting Card Company) has already covered the Religeous themes, both on paper and in 3-D plastic. This includes the popular theme of "Snoopy" the Beagle dog as well as Christmas scenes. Snoopy is my wifes favorite and I keep her most snuggled up in Snoopy - And Disney, too ... And Christmas is my brothers favorite. But ...

But ... please, S*R Team, please, let's help keep the memory of those fallen souls (especially "the ones who were inappropriately called some "the worst of society") who have fallen, and which we respect so much and who we owe so much, and to those who have given us the ability to enjoy collecting toy soldiers, and keeping their legacy alive.

Personally, I believe it is an honor and a priveledge to be alive today and be able to sit back and enjoy this hobby. Every time I set up my army men on my desk-top, it is in respect and appreciation to the sacrifice and honor of thier memory. Every time I do this, it makes me want to be a better man!

If you ever find the end to your efforts, then it is the signal to start over, for life, all of it, is dynamic, never rests, and constantly renews itself. So, if you run out of "Themes", then start over again with your first sets, as we could have all done better the first time, and will surely do better the next time ... and be better for it!

Smiles S*R Team :-)

Re: Re: Keep thier Legacy Alive - please dont retire!


Mr. Hennen, you SLAMMED the nail on the head just there. A lack of respect to veterans is one of the biggest problems today (at least in American culture). This hobby helps keep their legacy alive. Don't let the next generation forget.


Remember, you still have to make my ACW figs...

"They put their faith before their pride, for women and children first."--last verse of "Women and Children First: In Memoriam to the Gallant Men of the Titanic ", by Douglas W. Phillips

Full poem:

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We must remember,


P.S. Oh, yeah, on the lighter side of things, if I was related to an animal--which I am not--it would probably be the dinosaurs. We are all also related to Noah, too, technically! (See this and the "new theme" thread.)