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Re: Re: Battle of Bannockburn

Regarding English medieval armies, those of c.1300 and of 1415 would actually look very different, certainly in regards to the men-at-arms.
The Scottish wars knights would have worn chain mail and large bucket style helmets.
Fifteenth century knights were clad in plate armour and would have worn angled "dog-faced" bascinet helms, many of them with the visors removed for better visibility.
The Henry V set is one of Strelets finest productions, but it really will not do for the border wars.

Re: Re: Re: Battle of Bannockburn

Dear Puppeteer, I believe Strelets meant the Archers as some of them are wearing chain mail.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Battle of Bannockburn

Dear Harry,

exactly! When we were making archers we deliberately made them lightly armed so that they could work for XIII century.


Robert's accessories

Dear Strelets

Don't forget to model Robert the Bruce's wee spider.