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Strelets -Contributions section

Dear Strelets

I sent a number of photos to:

nearly two weeks ago, they seemed to go OK

Now I am getting delivery failed from that address when I write to see if they were received.
They are of Crimean War Line infantry and they answer some of the queries below about uniforms. About 13 pictures in total.
A number of other people have written over the last year about the upload process and it may explain why there are fewer pics in the contribution section than I would have expected.

Re: Strelets -Contributions section

Dear Dave,

we've got them now! Amazing work! We will post them on our website as soon as possible.

Thanks for your contribution.

Best regards,


Contributions section

Dear Strelets

I have some "Medieval Britain" figs painted up which I need to photograph and send pics of them with some Wars of the Roses,banners etc.. and bits to stick on.


We are looking forward to it!