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Re: How did you come to this hobby?

i come to this hobby wery suddenly when i was 6 my mother bougth me some tin soldiers when we were in Leningrad(St.Petersbur) they were russian revolution era sailors in 1/45 scale (i think) then next set was russian wwII infantry( some are still in some box -others lost)then when i was 11 i got my first western figures two german soldies oficer and mg gunner in 1/35 scale.and after that i have bougth several sets(sadly i cant buy more because i am at moment in seasonal unemployment status, but my prioreties are buy sets from Strelets and HAT because they are good. i have in my collection some 500 or more

Re: Re: How did you come to this hobby?

i started at playing with 54mm plastic 'armymen' in the 70's. but i loved the 1/72 airfix range because the smaller size meant you could have bigger armies. a kid down the road also collected and we'd spend rainy afternoons rolling dice and being conquerors. it was good cheap fun. i forgot about my troops for a few years, and they were boxed up and put in the attic. then when i got out of the service, i started collecting again. i can thank my father for hiding my original sets of airfix and atlantic stuff from my mother, who surely would have thrown them out, as mothers do. but my how this hobby has grown!

Re: How did you come to this hobby?

It must have been the late sixtys or early seventies when my brother came home from a shopping trip with my mother and he had with him a box of airfix first edition 8th army.At first i wasnt interested but one day my dad was watching my brother play and he started to tell us about his time in the army in ww2 well for me that was it i played and played with those troops with the officer figure always being my dad and he always saved his men by a brilliant charge.I also remember a small hobby shop in my town and in its window was every set of airfix soldiers i could spend literly hours just looking in the shop window trying to make a decision what to buy , my pocket money at the time was just enough for 2 boxes of 1/72 sets or 1 1/32 set so i always went for 1/72 the rest is as they say history


In my case it also started with Airfix.
It's funny: when I try to explain to people what my hobby is I only have to say Airfix and 9 out of 10 have an idea what I'm talking about.
Well, men above thirty ofcourse.

Re: How did you come to this hobby?

Gettysburg. I was a little guy, probably about 4 or 5 and my parents took me to Gettysburg with my older brother. At a toy store they got me some 54mm plastic Union and Confederates with detatchable guns, canteens, kepis etc..... lord I LOVED them.

Then a year or so later I saw these neat boxes of little soldiers (Airfix) and was transformed. I could field huge armies ! My local toy store owner - back when Mom and Pop stores existed - actually told me if I learned the names of all the wars of the US and could name a general from each he would GIVE me a free box. I did and he actually gave me 10 free boxes....what a great old gentleman. Till he passed away many years later I bought from his store ....... a wonderful magical beginning to a hobby that is now seeing me into my middle - middle age !

Airfix arround 1971/72ish then ESCI about 1986.....

Then Revell about 1991, Hat and Italeri about 1996 now ther are two many to mention.

I had the standard Airfix collection starting about age 9 and matchox got the hardplastic armour and vehicle end of things going. I abandonned the hobby in disgust, when MPC took over and started puting out those low-grade hardplastic ripoffs. Happily ESCI's Romans/Barbarions, Modern US/Soviets, and Vietnam series revived the hobby and all of the other ESCI sets soon followed. Revell soon joined the game opening even more new teritory and things have just been escalating out of hand ever since.

Re: Airfix arround 1960-61

Started with the very first two sets available in the US in the early sixties.

Re: How did you come to this hobby?

i 1st came into this hobby at about 7 or 8 collecting & playing w/ toy soldiers from Giant i purchased at the long defunct Grants dept store. i discovered my 1st Airfix sets a couple of years later at Woolworths. these t 2 makers were the bulk of my army til high school when i lost interest for nearly 20yrs before i was given my old soldiers from my father during a move. seeing them brought back many memories & i decided to get back into the hobby, but all the stores i used to buy them from were gone! i started checking out hobby shops in my home town, Buffalo & Cleveland where i discovered Atlantic, Matchbox, ESCI & Revell. the internet & Plastic Figure & Playset Review mag allowed me to fill in gaps in my Airfix collection. since then, i've bought every set that's come out from numerous new manufacturers! my army is now well over 60,000 in my standing army w/ probably another 40,000 in unwanted poses or older boxed sets!