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Re: Re: Strelets-R .. Downscaling & Retirement ??? Say it ain't so.

Well, didn't see French and Indian War. Also, tons of stuff for AWI, as well as ACW. And early 19th Century Indian wars, then there is the need for good Alamo figures, and then Mexican-American war, Apaches, and, oh yeah, War of 1812, then 'modern' like Vietnam. Then still a need for a good, never mind decent, Custer set, though your US Cavalry is a great start. So, continue that. The list goes on. You could do 6-10 sets based on American History a year and not cover them all in a decade. Then there is Canadian History. Keep at it.

Re: Strelets-R ... Gaps ... Downscaling & Retirement ... below 6/1/06 ... ???

The civilians suggestion might also be useful for model railway and diorama enthusiasts. There is always a need for people to populate platforms, towns, work scenes and rural scenes. The strelets style of multiple poses would fit this perfectly. And, since railways have been around since the mid 19th century, you could easily produce mid 19th and mid 20th century civilian sets.
Just a thought.
David M

Re: Re: Strelets-R ... Gaps ... Downscaling & Retirement ... below 6/1/06 ... ???

I continue to say it again. Where is the gap? In my opinion the strelets style of multiple poses would fit perfectly for a 1/72 adaption of the Warhammer rule book Legends of the old west:
Please give us cowboys, lawmen, desperados, mexicans and so on posses.

Also modern conflicts would be interesting. In 20 mm tin there a lot of modern figures: Why not in plastics ? Just have a look at to see some pictures.

And last but not least the French and Indian War would be also an interesting period for the multiple poses figures.

Why not fill gaps in succesfull areas

Your concept opens more possibilities then you might imagine.
It is perfect to fill gaps in existing succesfull areas.
Let us say Waterloo. All is covered. Yes most nations are, but there is something missing.

Let us look at the Brusnwick troops.
We have leib and avante guard, but no light or line. Will people buy this? Yes they will. Enough? Yes if you make it even more interesting.

Why not make a set called Brunswick army (48 men on foot) including:
- light/line infantry and command (officer, standard bearer, drummer)in total about 27
- leib/ avante guard command (officers, drummer/hornist) in total about 4
- Brunswick foot artillery (6 men and officer, no gun)
- you could add some men killed or wounded.

A great mix, well within the strelets concept and everybody who buys it will need at least four for the battery, or 6 for the infantry battalions. So it will sell.

You could do this for the Dutch-Belgian army or other nations (Bavarian, Prussian landwehr,...)and periods. You would fill the gap hat has left and sell sets.

Plus you could only make 30 men on foot and include 6 mounted (general, colonel, ADC, personality) to spice things up. This to you have done before (Peters guard)

What do you think

Re: Crimean War British Hussars

I do not think a particular topic should be ruled out just because a different manufacturer has covered it. If you produce a better set, we, the customers, will buy it (a sort of supply creates its own demand). Do not abandon the Crimean War British Hussars plan. Since Strelets' Crimean War theme has been a success so far (you do agree, I hope), let's have a complete line. There are factors that we mentioned repeatedly in this forum that make Strelets sets unique in this hobby and I believe that a lot of the suggested themes mentioned above by others can be profitable projects.

However, I do observe that very few of the hobby stores in my area have Strelets sets. Those that have Strelets sets have only a few available. Internet sales and distribution certainly can reach a broader global market, but traditional distribution channels should not be ignored. It is often the diorama in the store window display or that colorful box that a child picked up at the store on an occasional visit that ignites the spark of a potential hobbist.

Re: Re: Crimean War British Hussars

I agree with this.

I see no reason why you shouldn't make the hussars.
Didn't you refuse to make ECW figures a few topics ago, argumenting that it would look much better if one manufacturer made all the figures? So why not make the hussars then?

The emhar figures look great, no doubt but so do the strelets sets (so a fan certainly wants both). But the last look far the best standing among the other strelets crimean sets.

The emhar figures can be used to add some extra poses to the strelets set, which is the best set to use as the basic for each regiment. Please don't change that.

Crimean War British Hussars - reasons for

Dear All

Napoleonic French foot Artillery- Airfix did that so don't touch.
Zvezda have done them - thank goodness for the Airfix ones were poor.

Every company brings a new interpretation to figures; their own style, poses, emphasis and so on (eeek scale sometimes). A company like Zvezda know their strengths and so jump in.

Emhar Crimean Brit Hussars 2 poses and 5 figs. Cardigan's own boys, his cherry bums literally look a bit thin when mixed in with the Strelets heavies. I suppose to add insult to injury we could use the wholly inaccurate Esci/Italeri Hussars as they did it first so don't expect any more. If they have been done twice before then never!never! never!.. well hardly ever.
Is it scruples or ***** marketing? Not sure.

To salve a troubled conscience they could be the 11th Hussars or the 8th depending on which the Emhar and Esci ones are. The 8th Hussars had dark blue trousers. The one on the Emhar box is of the 11th Hussars.

Inconsistency? - several companies made indifferent sets of US Indian Wars Cavalry but this did not stop Strelets coming along and bettering them. Collectors of these were very pleased and wait for Apaches and others.

By the way Dominic I am not sure of the country you live in but Games Workshops in the UK are always full of youngsters prepared to rest their thumbs and carpel tunnels from their normal XBox, PS2 and push bits o'plastic and metal around. There lies the vast untapped market of the future and proves that this isn't just an "old man's" hobby.

bravenet unusual censoring

Dear Forummeers
The word I used is five letters begins with QU and ends in R and has EE in the middle meaning unusual or strange.
Sensitivities strike again. Oxford English Dictionary better now delete that word.

Re: bravenet unusual censoring

Dear All

The automatic removal of words in this forum is provided by our host, Bravenet. We have no control over which words are filtered, only over whether the filter is applied or not. Our apologies if a perfectly innocent word is removed unjustly, but we hope you agree that it is better to have this filter, however imperfect, than to risk inappropriate language on the forum.


Strelets-R ...Russian Civil war

Red Army-
Latvian guard
Red navy
Red cossacs
Red Infantry(in summer/winter uniforms
Red artillery
White army
White navy
White cossacs
White Infantry(in summer/winter uniforms
White artillery
Natonal Armies
+ western powers

We need them

Re: Strelets-R ...Russian Civil war

Kert, how wonderful that would be ah...