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Re: Re: "useless for more than a tiny number of very minor actions"


I guess 'useless' depends on what you plan to do. For 99.9% of the war yes, the mounted Boers are mostly unusable, but you could invent some sort of scenario where two forces of cavalry accidentally come across each other and battle it out from horseback.

I would imagine that while all sorts of hats would be seen at muster, before long everyone would have gotten a good broad brim to shield them from the sun and rain.

Sadly you may be right about schoolboys outside SA knowing little/nothing about the boer war. If someone remade 'Young Churchill', perhaps with Christian Slater starring - no, that's just too silly...

As for the box blurb, I tend to look at the picture (Strelets pictures are adequate but nothing impressive IMHO) and read any text, then chuck it anyway. Im only interested in whats inside.

Re: Mounted Boers

I noticed that in the picture on the box the "officer" (?) on the white horse seemed to be about to shoot his own horse in the head. I suppose you could come up with a small action scenario on that event. I'll have to ponder that over a pint.
David M

Horse non whisperer

Dear David
He is saying "if you don't buy the set the horse gets it".
This chap would miss all the vital bits and just shoot off the horses nose so we better buy the set.

"hey that's not nice ,a typical horsist comment. We have feelings you know!"