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Dear Andreas,

we will gradually expand our WWI series including some infantry sets but a more obvious choice for us would be, say, Russian Infantry in winter uniform or in Adrian helmets, rather than re-makes that have done their job of representation of these armies already.
Best regards,


Re: re-makes

Dear Strelets, Russian infantry in Adrian helmets would be brilliant for Salonica. I would be really glad if you did make them.

Re: Re: WW1 command sets

...and command sets would be nice to have for that period. Think of some officers on horse in nice uniforms with feathers on the hats and perhaps an emperor in an open carriage...or archduke Ferdinand of Austria with his assasin...who obviously started the whole trouble.

Re: Re: Re: WW1 command sets

Dear Jan:

Yes, command sets would be nice to compliment the growing numbers of WWI sets!! Strelets, this really is your area of expertise.