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To S*R Team: Of Mice & Men and Of Hats & Helmets

Dear S*R Team,

It is worthwhile to repeat that to make truly great fugurines, they need to have a great face and great head-gear, meaning, of course, helmet or hat to go with the memorable handsome face (I simply love those 17th Lancers ... !).



BRITISH SOLDIERS: The British pith foreign service helmet was ordered in many designs. In my opinion the best-ever face and helmet combination can be found on Michael Caine in the movie "Zulu" in the scene where he says early in the movie to Stanley Baker ... "Don't worry ole chap, I'm not offering to clean your kit myself!"

In the movie, the ordinary trooper with pure white pith helmet with brass plate looked awesome! Of course not historically correct, but, durn they looked good! Please make some of these.

COMMAND SET: I don't see any truly fashionable pith foreign service helmets in the masters so far, so I would hope that you will produce a "Command Set" with a wide fariety of different designs. This should include the "Wolsely Helmet."

WOLSELY HELMET: The Bengal Lancers were the perfect opportunity to have an officer with the Wolseley Helmet just like the famous movie "Lives of a Bengal Lancer" with Gary Cooper, but I simply can't make one out in the scan ... Durn it, this was mentioned to Haron when he talked about releasing a set of these. We've gotta make this up!

INDIAN TURBANS: We need Indian infantry with taller turbans, too! Just liket the Box Art!


Wow! Way cool! The WWI German Helmets in sets 045 and 058 are the best ever! Nice details. None of the recent releases in WWI even come close. I'm hoping to see this same sculptors work in WWI German infantry too. Please consider. Nothing out there now is even close to this man's talents ... nice sets of course ... but your guy is perfection.

Great job with all of the latest masters and pre-releases! Your S*R Team is all-together one of the most outstanding and consistent "Teams" in the industry today.

"Do you know what I mean?"

Happy Producing! (Great work guys ... all of you!)

Re: To S*R Team: Of Mice & Men and Of Hats & Helmets


I've got an idea. Maybe you can convince S*R to "remake": 1) WWI Serbs and German Colonials; 2) WWII Indians (Commonwealth); 3) Austrian Infantry and Artilery 1859. I dont mind if they are released in the same box of 48 different poses.



Dear Dave and Andreas

WWI and the Balkans and done with panache- STRELETS*R style. Serbs, Greeks, Montenegrins,Bulgarians and so on

Would like some peaceable Streltsi also in these sets - sitting down, sleeping, guarding essentially for forts but interesting one off poses.


Dear Andreas,

we will gradually expand our WWI series including some infantry sets but a more obvious choice for us would be, say, Russian Infantry in winter uniform or in Adrian helmets, rather than re-makes that have done their job of representation of these armies already.
Best regards,


Re: re-makes

Dear Strelets, Russian infantry in Adrian helmets would be brilliant for Salonica. I would be really glad if you did make them.

Re: Re: WW1 command sets

...and command sets would be nice to have for that period. Think of some officers on horse in nice uniforms with feathers on the hats and perhaps an emperor in an open carriage...or archduke Ferdinand of Austria with his assasin...who obviously started the whole trouble.

Re: Re: Re: WW1 command sets

Dear Jan:

Yes, command sets would be nice to compliment the growing numbers of WWI sets!! Strelets, this really is your area of expertise.