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more Crimean stuff- lest we forget

Dear Dave
I agree about more Crimean sets. British in Greatcoats for Inkerman and some French and Brit siege artillery and artillery in general of the big stuff. The Boer war and WWI stuff is great but as you say the Crimean War is not done with yet. Those Crimean British infantry give me a lot to be getting on with-enjoyable though

The new flat screen stops me developing a flat nose (probably not a bad thing).
I had it up and running within one hour of thinking I ought to have a new screen. That included, walking to the shops, buying it, unpacking, installing, testing and getting rid of the packing and old monitor (and making a cup of tea somewhere in the process). Probably a consumer record. Years of experience buying and putting together Nintendo's, Megadrives and PS2s for my kids. I knew it would come in handy some time.
Actually the Cossacks computer game was the thing that sparked off a renewed interest in model figures a few years ago.