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Napoleonic Paratroopers: Französische Fallschirmspringer

On the Najemo forum, a person pointed out this anachronistic find in the historical archives, and compagnie-d-elite made a plate of a French "Hussar" Paratrooper, "Hussards de l'aire".

Actually pretty funny with parachuters in the background. If only Napoleon had used weather balloons to parachute troops into Hougoumont... Leonardo and the Montgolfier bros would have been proud. Actually, unless it's an April Fool's hoax, the "secret" plan was to drop them in the invasion of England according to the text.

Now I would ask for a lot of things (where are the French Marines of the Guard?), but I'm not expecting Zvezda to make this one.

another joke

Go to page 2. There you read that the entire story is made-up, a hoax for april's fools.

Re: Enough of the jokes already

Man, the first one is funny and I actually got a laugh out of it. Two jokes? That's quite enough. It's like crying wolf. Sooner or later, no one will believe anything from their forum. From now on, if I see an announcment on their forum, I'm going straight to PSR or some other site to verify. They will soon lose their credibility.