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My Oh My - Set 045 will wake you up!

Oh, my, Oh my, what a magnificent set,

These young men have truly WWI Helmets with the large "Rivets" that would mount a face plate in a trench attack.

But lets enjoy this set for what it is - a great WWI set in the latter phases of the war. Earlier phases wore pickhelaube helmets.

S*R, please show us more!

Re: My Oh My - Set 045 will wake you up!

German cavalry in 1916-39 looks great also it can be used as estonian,latvian and Finnish cavalry of same period

Re: My Oh My - Set 045 will wake you up!

Truly a great set. You could even see them being part of an imaginary expedition corps in 1920, trying to relieve a British/French/American force that has been trapped in a desert fort, surrounded by religious fanatics.
I just hope set 045's color won't be green but blue, so I can put them right next to my favorite WW1 Airfix figures with Pickelhaube. The Revell, Emhar and Hat Infantry and LW's Cavalry all don't come in the right colors, which is a a little bit of a nuisance.


Do you paint your figures Jan?

Re: Painting

Good point Harry,
I wouldn't know where to start, too many soldiers in my collection and new ones arriving every month. Plus I'm a lousy painter. Once in a while a get a few painted figures on ebay and indeed, it's fascinating to see what some talented people can do. I would hope for a figure painting service in India or elsewhere, 5-10 Cent/figure. I'd send them 50,000 soldiers and more./

Re: Re: Painting

I started painting when I was eight, and it is just as well I did other wise I wouldn't be painting now, I have had to stop buying figures unless I have painted the majority of my figures, it is worth in the end though.

Re: Re: Painting

I didn't start painting until I was 27. I had a few hundred Airfix figures and some new (at that time) Esci. I attempted painting and have never looked back. It really improves the hobby and gives flexibility to your figures. You'd be amazed what a little reserach and liberties will do. I've now painted a little over 21,000 figures.

Re: Re: Re: Painting

If I could see you I would applaud you. 21,000 figures, how do (did) you find the time?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Painting

I paint every day. Not much, just a little. Maybe 10 or 15 minutes before work, then for an hour or two in the evening while the TV runs in the background. I average about 1,000 figures per year. I must admit I work in bursts, often inspired by new figures. Often on the weekends I get nothing done as I go out with the family to do stuff like kite flying or camping. Also, my time with the military takes me away from painting.
I found, from a friend, that if I glue the figures onto popsicle sticks (or pieces of stiff cardboard of about the same size), about 6 per stick, that it speeds up the "assembly line" process. So I paint all the red coats, then all the white belts, then the blue facings, then the brown muskets, and so on. If one actually calculates the time taken per man, it is about 30 minutes. So, in other words I've painted for about 10,000 hours in 19 years.
Try it, it is great fun.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Painting

Thanks I will start sticking my figures on to wood, At the moment I am in Crete 1941 mode. I painting stuff up so I can put it on my website which I hope to complete soon. Give you a shout when it's up and running, cheers


Re: Re: My Oh My - Set 045 will wake you up!

Hi Jan.
You have my sympathies here, manufacturers over the years have cast in all colours regardless of customer needs, presumably they felt that all collectors would paint the figures.
Given that the choice of colour for the spues is easily able to be changed it does seem strange that there does not appear to be a colour code even amongst the individual manufacturers

I like the idea of generic colours as per PSR, which would mean those who chose not to paint can still assemble 'like' forces.

In your case have you considered coat painting figures to match the plastic colour of a particular force ie all blue for Germans, green for Allies etc??

regards Mike McAuliffe