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Dear Strelets

Please have multiple prone poses in your Boer infantry set as this was a war in which modern fire power was beginning to cause the frequent use of this position.

Re: Boers

I agree Jake,

Prone poses represent the final moment of glory for a "fallen soldier." And so do so many other "wounded poses." Machine guns contributed to many of the fallen heros final life poses, before thier last breath.

As a little kid, my buddies and I always tried to out-do each other for the best "death scene" while "getting shot" (by your friends making bursting-gun sounds). Did anyone else do this silly hollywood stuff?

"Ah, Jimmy, hold me, don't let go of me, I'm so cold - Uhhh!"

Happy Memories


I think Jake is talking about men lying and firing, or just sheltering, rather than casualties. Given the volume of rifle fire that could be generated by then many prone poses would be required for both sides.

Prone poses

Dear all
I like the Airfix WWI French and British infantry and Revell WWI German infantry prone poses. Shooting slightly to the left seems more natural than shooting straight ahead. Several of the Boers should also be like the Strelets Cossacks - shooting with the left arm supported by the left knee and the right leg along the ground. They should be different to the British army who were used to aiming at fixed targets on the rifle ranges, the Boers sharpened their skills hunting animals on the veldt.

Re: Prone

Hi Jon,

Thank you for your correction. I was incorrect in assuming casualties. Prone here obviously means not in an upright fighting position.

I hope collectors have noticed that the S*R 038 - British Line Infantry 1898-1902 contains so far 15 prone and kneeling poses, far more than the other popular manufacterors that I can see because of their 40-45 pose policy. This should go a long way to satisfying poses for the devastating fire power of the Boers against the British regulars and the horrific effects. Real death is oh-so-awful!

Thanks again Jon for your help! Happy Collecting