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Russo-Turkish War

Regarding the post below by Strelets, I was wondering if the next new period for Strelets figures will be the Russo-Turkish War. If so, i'm fully supporting the idea.

Re: Russo-Turkish War

I would also support the idea. Although I would like to now ASAP if there are chances for coverage of that war, so I would buy the Waterloo 1815 Italian Bersaglieri, since they would make Romanian Chasseurs (vinatori) for 1877, by a simple painting conversion. The russo-turkish war of 1877-78 is known in my country as the romanian war of independence, where a corps of 4 divisions fought at Plevna, Vidin, Grivita, Smirdan. For the turks, the closest would be the Waterloo 1815 anglo-egyptian army, although much converting would be needed.
However, if Strelets will produce them , I will certainly buy them, and will probably start painting them sometime around 2060.

Re: Re: Russo-Turkish War

Dear Radu,

many thanks for the tip with the Painting conversion of the Bersaglieri. Yes in brown they would look good too.

I am always talking about the forgotten wars of 1850-1880. The Russo-Turkish war would be one of my biggest dreams. Beside this of corse the Prussian-French and (thanks Waterloo 1815) the French-Austrian war of 1859.

The Turkish army in the Zouave-style uniform would be no problem for 1877. But the Russians need a good conversion job. And all this types of cavalry. I would like to see this army appearing one time at the Strelets future listing!!