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Ohm Küger

in my opiniaon he was great man to figth agaist british imperialism and by the way lots of volunteers fougth in Boer side like my great grandpa who was 11 when he went south aafrica with his brother and frends and he killd a lot of Brits when he game back he hated brits more.he saw terrible thing there.


Dear Hellus

in the Boer War many Boers and S Africans fought for the British. Australians, Canadians and New Zealanders also volunteered to fight on the side of the British empire.

S Africans played an important part in the East African campaigns in WWI and were highly respected by all in WWII for their commitment.

Boer leaders like Jan Smuts helped with the reconciliation and indeed became a figure the equal of Churchill. His biography shows how important he was in the 20th c. A great statesman.