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Boer artillery and RN too

Dear all

Boer artillery was important for the set piece battles like Spion Kop when it proved so devastating.
The quick firers added a 20th century dimension to the Boer war which is one of its attractions from a wargaming point of view as it is like a mix of two periods.
There is a Boer war pom pom gun in a park in Plymouth. A local historian told me about it as I assumed it had come off a destroyer or some other warship. It was stuck in the middle of a small park like a kids roundabout and as I said at the time there can't be many of those left.
See web site below

I suppose after reading this I must add Royal Navy types are also a must as they were a big contingent.

Re: Boer artillery and RN too

Hi David,

Royal navy would be not only important for the Boer-war. I am dreaming about seing a navy team with a gatling or a gardener gun, fighting the Derwishes..


Re: Boer artillery?

Check out my Scratch build pom-pom gun. Last battle my boers captured it from a British convoy (article only in German and Hungarian, pictures on the right side): Wars in South Africa on

Have a nice day!