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retro-Airfix 1st Edition looking - must like your description

Re: retro-Airfix 1st Edition

Dear Andrew & Alex

40 odd years ago it was. The valid excuse Airfix would use would be they were just starting out.
Funny, Airfix never returned to that standard with their figures and kits. They just got better.

Re: Re: Re: romanian army in WW II

Do I presume that you do not do conversions? According to my sources, any figure with a German Helmet or field cap can be used for Finns. In my own Finnish army I have Revell WWI Germans, Airfix WWII Germans, Airfix German Mountain Troops and Revell Siberians. Just a paint job conversion for these.

Ceaser has WWII Chinese slated for release, but you can basically use any American or Japanese figure. Remember Chang was supplied by the Americans and the Chinese were also put a lot of captured equipment to thier own use.

If they look close enough to them on the table, I plan to press these Romanians into the Dutch Army while waiting for the Ceaser release.

Erik C.