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Re: Wolseley Pith Helmet v turban

Hi David,

Thanks for the heads-up. I appreciate the accuracy of your information. Even the cover-box for my "Bengal Lancer" video has a studio shot of "The Coop" wearing a turbon.

I'm still hoping against hope, though, that there will be one or two of the Wolsely Helmets because I am not aware of any in existance in our scale yet, and I would like to buy tons of boxes to use for all sorts of conversions.

Or maybe we will all be surprised as the S*R Team expands it's WWI range to include the N. Africa British Infantry kitted with these!

As always, thanks again!

Re: Re: Wolseley Pith Helmet v turban

Dear Dave

If anybody attempts them they will have to be careful. A very difficult shape to get right. Invaluable also for WWI and early WWII. Many troops in Burma in WWII had them for parades and general issue but preferred the bush hat like the Aussies. My father in law used his Wolseley or pith for everything but its intended use.
In the UK we have Turner Classic Movies (TCM) on cable and the old Coop films figure regularly but not the one you mentioned.

Excellent (as are the rest of the Boer sets)

Re: Boers

please make also couple of children they to figth agaist brits also some captured boers

Great looking masters!