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Re: Boers

I am absolutely no expert in the Boer wars but they look very nice. From what I know the Boers used guerilla warfare, so these figures look good for that (they have a sneaky look). They were defending their homes, so I think that the inclusion of a woman is a very good tribute, as they also fought.
Clothing seems appropiate (from what I can see on the photo)
I am looking forward to seeing more figures.

Looks like a very good set, but the Boer wars are not my cup of tea

Christmas in April? - Bravo! S*R Boer Infantry Set Figurines

This set is awesome with only 10 of over 40 figurines in the final set.

Boers were a militia army (farmers in arms) to save their homes. The first old man figure top-left, actually has a muzzle-loading rifle. This is the nicest muzzle-loading pose of any other master ever put into production. Finally, it is realistic! Go get-em Gramps!

Women, too fought to save thier farms and homes. Someone is guarding the door.

Sadly, the old man bottom row has received an abdominal wound, painful and fatal. Ne'er give in! But I also see what looks like 3 regular troops in full kit.

This is only the first 10 of 40+ figurines, and the poses will be classics - At first glance, you know it when you see it!

But when will we see some of the much-anticipated Highlander Troops?

Christmas in April? Just maybe. I can't wait for all of the new Boer War sets to arrive on my shores.

Happy Collecting

Re: Christmas in April? - Bravo! S*R Boer Infantry Set Figurines

And the quality of the masters is great!


should have a wide appeal

Dear All

Set 056 Excellent quality and full of character.

A nice mixture and back views this time -we are honoured. The poses are great though the Boers were not keen on close quarter fighting with knives.
Some of the figures would be good for the first Anglo Boer war ( 1881- Laings Nek and Majuba) when they had some muzzle loaders (old timers, burghers preferred them) and the Westley Richards which looked a lot like a muzzle loader. There were also battles against the Zulus, Ndebele and others in the period of the figures 1881-1902

The Strelets approach is ideal for this kind of formation when you want as much individuality as possible.

Many of these figures could be used for USA and Canada, Australia of the same period. Dutch settlers in Indonesia? Andreas.

The Bengal Lancers should be for the NW Frontier or the Boxer rising or WWI. The 2nd AB War is 1899-1902 and the only vaguely Indian horse regiments I can account for are Lumsdens Horse and the Ceylon Mounted infantry.


The heads of the Bengal lancers should be useful for converting some 8th army to indian imfantry for world war two.

Re: Conversions & Wolsely Pith Helmet

Hi Harry,

I hope the Bengal Lancer set has one or two officers wearing the Wolsely Pith Helmet. Just like they did in the 1935 Gary Cooper Movie "THE LIVES OF A BENGAL LANCER." Then they could be used also for conversions for the Kitchener Sudan Officers and also up to WWI British Desert Troops.

If not, then I will use some British Lancer Officers to lead my Bengal Lancers into the heat of another famous battle.

Great set!

Wolseley Pith Helmet v turban

Dear Dave
The British officers usually wore the turban though it depended on the the regiment. Most photos ( eg Skinners Horse 1st Bengal lancers) have them with turbans though these are usually studio/parade shots.
The Afridis were pretty good shots at long range and bagging an officer or two was a good start to a battle. It would make good sense not to stick out like the proverbial sore thumb in the NW frontier.

There were about 19 Bengal Lancer regiments alas none in South Africa 1899-1902. The Boer War demonstrated a lot of political sensitivities not evident in other colonial wars. Black Africans, Coloureds and Indians (a lot in S Africa- of course Gandhi was one of them at that time) were usually employed in a non-combat role or as scouts (blacks and coloureds) by both. sides.

Re: Wolseley Pith Helmet v turban

Hi David,

Thanks for the heads-up. I appreciate the accuracy of your information. Even the cover-box for my "Bengal Lancer" video has a studio shot of "The Coop" wearing a turbon.

I'm still hoping against hope, though, that there will be one or two of the Wolsely Helmets because I am not aware of any in existance in our scale yet, and I would like to buy tons of boxes to use for all sorts of conversions.

Or maybe we will all be surprised as the S*R Team expands it's WWI range to include the N. Africa British Infantry kitted with these!

As always, thanks again!

Re: Re: Wolseley Pith Helmet v turban

Dear Dave

If anybody attempts them they will have to be careful. A very difficult shape to get right. Invaluable also for WWI and early WWII. Many troops in Burma in WWII had them for parades and general issue but preferred the bush hat like the Aussies. My father in law used his Wolseley or pith for everything but its intended use.
In the UK we have Turner Classic Movies (TCM) on cable and the old Coop films figure regularly but not the one you mentioned.

Excellent (as are the rest of the Boer sets)

Re: Boers

please make also couple of children they to figth agaist brits also some captured boers

Great looking masters!