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Wow! Check Out Schu's Links above (Awesome WWI Color Plates) Thx Schu!


Dear schu

Good links.

this one is Austrian:

On this page there are two prints of Austro Hungarian (Uniformtypen Osterreichisch - Ungarischer Truppen) forces the top is of the cavalry with the Hussars in the middle. The 14. Honved Husar looks similar to 060 as do those to the left.
The bottom has some good pictures showing the variety of Austrian infantry uniforms a pity they are not of higher definition. Seven Years War fans will recognise the brown as the Artillery ( dress uniforms)

Re: Austrian

I think i read somewhere that the austrian cavalry did not use lances, these were abandoned before WWI, tried to find the source at the weekend, but not enough time... On the other hand I found a picture of german hussars, crossing the river Drina in the 1915 balkan campaign, carrying lances. Austrian hussars wore a shako with cover, german hussars a busby with cover, too. Regarding the shape of the master figure, I think 060 it`s german cavalry. Maybe Mr. Strelets could give us a hint?