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But he appears to have a modern rifle and sword bayonet on his back and also Dave I am refering on set 60 not 57.


Dear Harry
You wrote Dave before I posted I think ( by one min). Never mind I understand you mean someone else and I am referring to 060.
No problem.

Re: Dave?

I appear to be hallucinating or going mad.

Re: Re: Re: set 60

this kinf of hat could be a hussard kolpak, no?

Re: set 60

Dear Harry
If you look at the figures right leg there is some detail of a boot- a Hussar type boot. Indian regiments nearly always wore puttees on campaign.
The detail is a bit indistinct but the headgear could be a shako with a cover on it and the distinctive round badge of the Austro-Hungarians to which Oak leaves in the summer and Fir sprigs in the winter were attached. This in all probability would make him a Hussar ( but with a lance?), early war of the Austro Hungarian forces on the Eastern front. A German Hussar was similar but grey rather than the dark blue and cherry of the Austrian. Could be a German Hussar but there are detail and weaponry differences which are hard to pick out on the photo

Incidentally about your question below, the following book:
World War I Databook by John Ellis and Michael Cox

Gives all the orders of battle at divisional level for all combatants. The Eastern front was of course the Russian Western front split into three N, W, SW (in 1915). Simply, the Russian Cavalry divisions were involved greatly in the offensives and all sectors though less so in the Kerensky offensive in 1917. The SW sector was mainly facing the Austro Hungarians.
The Eastern front as we call it had 216 inf division and 42 cavalry divisions of the Russian Army. Other Cossacks regts. were involved in the Caucasus, Armenia, Kurdistan, Persia against the Ottomans.

Re: Re: set 60

I don't know weopons are my speciality not uniforms (apart from Modern British uniforms)

set 60

Now what looks like two sets of cavalry in german helmets maybe one are late war Austrian cavalry?

Could they be Russian Hussars??? Most dressed similarly ...

.... or maybe the Dragoons from Dr Zhivago??? Not sure whether the rifle should be over the left or right shoulder ... I have evidence of both.

Cheers, Frank

German Uhlan 1914-1916

..this would mean early and late german cavalry!? Great...

erm, no uhlan: hussar, but german

..try those links:

Wow! Check Out Schu's Links above (Awesome WWI Color Plates) Thx Schu!


Dear schu

Good links.

this one is Austrian:

On this page there are two prints of Austro Hungarian (Uniformtypen Osterreichisch - Ungarischer Truppen) forces the top is of the cavalry with the Hussars in the middle. The 14. Honved Husar looks similar to 060 as do those to the left.
The bottom has some good pictures showing the variety of Austrian infantry uniforms a pity they are not of higher definition. Seven Years War fans will recognise the brown as the Artillery ( dress uniforms)

Re: Austrian

I think i read somewhere that the austrian cavalry did not use lances, these were abandoned before WWI, tried to find the source at the weekend, but not enough time... On the other hand I found a picture of german hussars, crossing the river Drina in the 1915 balkan campaign, carrying lances. Austrian hussars wore a shako with cover, german hussars a busby with cover, too. Regarding the shape of the master figure, I think 060 it`s german cavalry. Maybe Mr. Strelets could give us a hint?