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Re: 054 and Boer Wars

Are these the New South Wales Lancers?

Re: Re: 054 and Boer Wars

I am sure you are right Gartlym.
They are in their circa 1900 uniform.
I shall be buying them even though I prefer the regiments involved in the Sudan campaigns.

In answer to Dave Hennan and as a yet another big hint to Strelets, I would love to have lots of Sudan regiments. It would save me lots of work in conversions. Even though HaT are making my all time favourites(the Camel Corp) I still think there is a lot of room for Strelets to add to the range. I'm waiting to give them money for it.
So Please Strelets, my list is:-
Naval Brigade with Gardner Guns.(and pack Camels)
Ansar Camelry.
Baggage Camels.
Dervish Infantry. Different sets of different tribes.
Dervish cavalry. (with some camels)
British hussars (some on camels)
Camels carrying Field Guns. and more camels. We don't get enough of them.
I've only got the Airfix/HaT ones at the moment. The Italeri ones are too small.
Here's hoping !

Re: Re: Re: 054 and Boer Wars & Sudan Campaign

Yes Murat, nice list. The Sudan Campaign could certainly be another great theme by itself. I would especially love to see more Naval Brigade. That goes for the Boer Wars too. Some nice figurines shooting rifles and pistols as well as gatling guns. The Navy guys always seem to be forgotten. Got my fingers crossed!

And ... having Kitchener chasing you all around the desert had to be a frightening experience!

Happy Collecting

NSW Lancers

Dear Gartlym

They must be -they could not be anybody else. Other Australian light horse had the hat but the uniform is a NSW Lancers one c.1900. Every authority seems to suggest they fought in this uniform. The red must have made a very good target for the Boers. Does anyone know different?
Dismounted Boers done a bit like the dismounted Crimean War Cossacks would be essential for the (2nd) Anglo Boer war battles.

Re: NSW Lancers

The red does seem to make a bit of a mockery of the khaki uniform. Maybe the plastron buttoned over?


Dear Gartlym
There are some photos showing them training in SA in shirtsleeve order so I would guess as the war continued they got a bit more savvy. If I remember they were there pretty much in at the start in 1899 coming from Aldershot ( rather than Australia as they had been in training in GB) and they were short of most things including horses. They wore helmets in Dec 1899 (under duress I think) for one reason - several accounts of them being shot at by British troops mistaking them for Boers. This suggests maybe the red plastrons were not being worn or they could be saving them for best rolled up in the greatcoat as a replacement would be unlikely. British troops gradually learnt how not to shoot everybody in a slouch hat as volunteer and colonial/loyal units built up.
I am looking forward to these figures.

Re: NSW Lancers

Dear David,

I'm very much looking forward to this set too! What a nice surprise. All of the details look excellent on my screen. Nice slouch hats!


Re: shirtsleeves

I think a lot of Empire and Volunteer units wore slouch hats, so this set might be quite versatile.