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Russian Lancers in Crimea

Hi all,
I recently bought a huge batch of Eureka crimean range figures. These are superb 18mm models wich I'm painting and basing for a Battle Cry game variant in the Crimea. The problem is, for russians Hussars and Lancers, they choose not to make the cavalrymen wear the brown overall and I can'f find any source for the Lancers uniforms. Can someone help me? Is there any link with plates or pictures? What kind of uniform wear this guys?

Re: Russian Lancers in Crimea

Hi Mike!
18mil is a good thing, in 1:72 there is no suitable russian Lancer set for the crimea, so I'll have to convert them for my army unsing napoleonic figures...

Send me a mail, and I'll will mail you scans from the Osprey Book about that period with some pictures and color tables. Have you ever tried the Newbury rules? They are really good.


Re: Re: Russian Lancers in Crimea

Hi Zsolt,

I bought the complete Crimean range from Tumbling Dice. They have Russian cavalry in greatcoats with seperate heads and arms. So you have the chance to make lancers. The shabraque is ok for lancers.

Sadly only to have them in greatcoats. So conversions of old Esci, HAT and maybe Strelets and Emhar lancers are possible.