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Bavarian and Dutch friing lines

Dear Yuri/Strelets,

I do not want to sound greedy, particularly in the light of your recent, amazing (in achievement) and wonderful (in quality) new releases, but was wondering whether the position regarding 262 Bavarian Infantry Firing Line and 265 Dutch Infantry Firing Line is still that they will be released, all going well and all else being equal in these most unequal and challenging of circumstances?

Kind regards,

Re: Bavarian and Dutch friing lines

Can a status on #263 WSS Spanish Bourbon Infantry in Square be added as well please?

Re: Bavarian and Dutch friing lines

Dear James,

yes, AGW they will be released with the Bavarians as a priority.

Believe it or not, but a stumbling block this time is... good weather!:thinking_face:
Just yesterday we received a message from an artist dealing with the boxes artwork saying that "now it's that short time, when weather gives opportunity for plein air watercolours", hence a delay.
As you can see from this, all people take same things differently - a housewife would say it's a good time for a laundry to dry, artist - that it's time for a still life and we - that it's good to somitemes take philosoрhical approach and not hurry.:slightly_smiling_face:

Best regards,