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WSS Rules

Hello all,

I’ve recently been doing a lot of reading on different forums, blog posts, etc… trying to find the a good ruleset that would work great for Strelets’ WSS range. I have some good leads but just wanted to check the forum and see some of your opinions and advice.


Re: WSS Rules

there are so many rules available for the WSS/GNW period, my personal favourite are AGE of HONOR a variant of FIRE & FURY rules, have fought many battles using them
also see Helion Books they have several rules books , League of Augsburg website, Pike & Shot Society UK has Twilight of the Sun King rules

and the late Stuart Asquith's Wargaming 18th century Battles inc rules for Marburian Warfare edited by John Curry

also see Refighting History Volume 5, Marlborough's Big Four by Charles S Grant, some great inspiration in it

hope this helps
cheers Old John

Re: WSS Rules

Dear Asher,

I like 'Twilight of the Sun King' from the Pike and Shot society for a stylised, brigade scale game, 'GåPå' for more detail and direct simulation and Polemos 'Great Northern War' from Baccus 6 mm for something in-between.. My interest is in the northern and eastern conflicts of the early 18th C (and late 17th C), but these rules also include the War of Spanish Succession (Polemos 'Chosen Men, Well Disposed' and 'Obstinate And Bloody Battle' for the War of Spanish Succession).

Kind regards,


Re: WSS Rules

Thank you all for the suggestions! They definitely helped. After reading up on it GåPå sounds really interesting to try, but definitely more geared towards the GNW. I think I’ll give Beneath the Lily Banners and Twilight of the Sun King a go first.

Re: WSS Rules

‘No Peace Without Spain’ is reportedly a good game of the period, but it’s pricey on eBay and a boardgame. I don’t know if it can be easily adapted to miniatures play but I do know many gamers and clubs have converted a lot of games from other periods to use with miniatures. Just helping list another possibility.