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New Austrian WSS #’s 260 and 261 Have Landed

So far in UK, Italy and Australia, but not yet (sniff) in the US.
UK at Models2U, but not listed on Hannants yet. Models2U has the new WW2 Early US listed as in as well, but no photos of the figures - just box art.
On EBay with an Italian vendor who has an excellent rating and Military Hobbies Adelaide in Australia. (He lists the #260 marching but I can’t find him listing the 261 attacking set. He may have sold out already or they haven’t arrived yet.)
I can’t find where anyone in the US has them yet, but I have it in good authority from my favorite US vendor they have been ordered and on the way.
BTW, The Michigan Toy Soldier website (not on eBay) has a lot of Strelets marked as still available but none of the new items.

Re: New Austrian WSS #’s 260 and 261 Have Landed

Dear Toby,

I am sure that they will arrive to you soon. They are well worth your wait. I took delivery of mine today (from Military Hobbies) and they are superb. The clarity and detail are excellent. The figures in 261 seemed a bit 'flat' in the photos that were posted on this forum, but they are not. Really 'animated' and top poses. The drummer is a ripper! Anton Batov's box art on both is as glorious as ever.

Regards, James

Have a nive week-end.

Dear Sirs,

today new sets landed also in Hannants.
Please, be advised accordingly.

Best regards,


Re: Have a nive week-end.

The new releases are also at Scott's Model Workshop on Ebay. In my opinion the best online hobby shop in the US.

Re: Have a nive week-end.

Oh Yes! Ordered my from Scott this morning - along with five others - scheduled to arrive next week.

New sets WoSS delivered

Last sunday I ordered both new WoSS sets at Linear-A. Yesterday they were delivered. Great sets as useally for this beautiful WoSS Range. Fine box-art!!