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New product line

I was wondering have you thought about producing a Boxer Rebellion line? The amount of nations that were involved could create a diverse line.

I also don’t believe there is any competition in that period for plastic. I saw only one other company and the products are never available. I think the series was stopped

Please consider!!!!!!!!

Re: New product line

Dear Tony,

That series is still on the table, although some sets, indeed, are discontinued due to wear and tear.
Best regards,


Re: New product line

Agreed! The Boxer rebellion was vastly covered by Red Box quit awhile ago. 20 sets by them + 3 more by other companies representing 10 countries. Outside of some artillery & US Sailors, I really don't see much missing? For a minor & localized conflict, 23 sets is above & beyond the call! Some larger conflicts don't have half that many sets.

You might have to do some searching, but all those sets are out there somewhere.

Re: New product line

Bon dia,
És cert que RedBox va fer una ampla gama de figures d aquests conflicte, però, no tenen una bona definició i per exemple els. Boxers
De Orion són fantàstics, però no pas els de Red Box, La qualitat de les figures de Red Box en l actualment és molt superior, Penso el mateix de les figures de Mars y Streles , que han evolucionat en el temps i han millorat moltíssim amb la qualitat d'els seus motllos

A part de això trobo a faltar
Del conflicte de WWSS,
Artilleria de setge borbònica,
Zapadors borbònics I com català
Que sóc, Miquelets Catalans

Hi ha un altre conflicte que no ha fet cap marca, i es la guerra
D indochina,